The Importance of Leveraging Your Positive Reviews

All rating and review sites provide both opportunities and potential reputation concerns for businesses and individuals alike. While negative reviews can be damaging and seriously impact a brand's profitability and influence consumer opinions; positive reviews can help to enhance reputability and improve brand awareness..

Many businesses emphasize Case Studies, Customer Testimonials and Reviews, as these can help prospective clients or consumers make purchasing decisions. Leveraging these resources is effective in not only maximizing sales, but increasing customer loyalty and building brand recognition, as well.

How Reviews Can Influence Profits

Every company strives to not only earn new business, but maintain a large and loyal customer base. While the cost of acquisition of new clients can be comparatively high versus retaining previous customers, an ever-increasing client base is necessary for long-term growth and expansion.

Research has indicated that over 80% of consumers are influenced by online reviews and ratings. By providing positive, customer-generated content both on and off-site, businesses can offer existing clients' insights to a valuable audience. In essence, positive reviews, in conjunction with the aforementioned case studies and testimonials, work together to create a comprehensive knowledge base for potential customers in order to assist them in better understanding the brand and its offerings.

Getting the Most From User-Generated Content

Positive reviews have been established as useful tools for both business and their clients, but in order to achieve optimal results, it is important to promote these resources. Prominent placement of content, both on and off-site are an essential to building a more effective and recognizable brand. Additionally, it is necessary to utilize blogs and social media to encourage clients and prospects to create their own reviews and stimulate the proliferation of positive, brand-oriented content on the Web.

Building a more profitable and successful online brand begins with leveraging user-generated content and maximizing the presence and visibility of positive reviews, ratings and testimonials throughout the Web.

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